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This “being a human” thing can be very messy and life often throws us curveballs. The fact that you have landed on my website means that you are likely exploring the possibility of beginning therapy. Welcome! I hope this website answers your questions and helps you decide if we can work together.



I’m aware that the decision to see a therapist, and therapy itself, is an incredibly personal journey. I’m also acutely aware of how daunting taking that first step can be. As much as I firmly believe in the healing power of therapy and have seen its benefits far and wide, I do realise that there can be some discomfort with the idea of speaking to a therapist.

Whether you have experienced therapy before, or are willing to try out the process for the first time, I aim to create an environment that is secure, safe and accepting. After all, this journey might just be the most important one you’ll ever make.


My Services

I strive to empower individuals and couples to overcome personal obstacles to enhance their overall well-being and relationships.